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Sitting All Day: The New Smoking – Even if You Exercise

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Even if you have an active lifestyle of exercising for an hour a day, you’re still at risk of heart disease and metabolic issues (e.g. diabetes) if you spend the rest of the day sitting either in work or in front of the boob tube.

“Now a consistent body of emerging research suggests it is entirely possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary, and that sitting increases your risk of death and disease, even if you are getting plenty of physical activity. It’s a bit like smoking. Smoking is bad for you even if you get lots of exercise. So is sitting too much.”

So if you’re sitting down and reading this, get up and walk around. You’re life depends on it. Click pic or link for the article…

Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners | Runner’s World.

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Your Desk Job is Literally Killing You – Why Prolonged Sitting is Hazardous to Your Health

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New research is showing a correlation between hours of sitting with occurrences of cardiac disease and metabolic dysfunction. What determines your health to a greater degree is the activity between your workout sessions. Even if you do exercise 3 to 5 times per week, prolonged sitting could counteract. So if you’re still spending over 6 hours popping a squat either watching TV or finishing that term paper, remember to take frequent breaks of just getting up, walking around, or doing simple, easy body weight exercises. Something as simple as this could have a profound effect on your life. Click the pic or link for this important article.

What Makes Sitting So Detrimental to Your Health?.

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Kelly Starrett Sees Movement Faults Everywhere

The Reebok Life – Kelly Starrett – YouTube.

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Kelly Starrett on Barbell Shrugged

▶ Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD and Author of Becoming a Supple Leopard – YouTube.

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If You Don’t Cool Down, Your Next Workout may Suffer

▶ Adaptation Error: Cool Down – YouTube.

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Best Yoga Poses for CrossFit Athletes

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In addition to mobility…

Stretch it Out: The Best Yoga Poses for CrossFit Athletes.

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K-Starr’s New Airplane Back Survival Trick

New airplane back survival trick – YouTube.

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The Benefits of Stretching

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A nice, informative article on stretcing by fellow box blogger, boxgrl81.

Why I think stretching is important according to this post:

“Increased Circulation: While it is widely debated whether or not stretching prevents injury, it has been proven to increase circulation. Although stretching does not necessarily directly prevent injury from overuse, it does increase the blood flow and supply of nutrients to muscles and cartilage. This reduces muscle soreness after working out. The less sore your muscles are, the less painful it will be to work the same muscles and to exercise in general, and the more comfortable your day-to-day life will be.”

Benefits of Stretching.

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How to Recover from WODs

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What can you do to recover between workouts? Do what Mark Sisson does:

-Cool down after your workout (e.g. walk it out, light jog, hop on the balls of your feet)

-Take cold baths

-Use compression gear during your workout

-Do your mobility WODs

Click the pic or link for the article…

How I Recover from My Workouts | Mark’s Daily Apple.

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High Rollin’: Foam Roll Like a Pro

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro | Greatist.

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